Starting Over

It can’t be this hard. Like, seriously… Why didn’t someone tell the person encouraging me to “go for it”, “go into it” that they were spitting mostly lies? Its hard. So effin’ hard.

Well, that was my state of mind some 2 weeks ago. Contrary to popular belief, settling or trying to settle(in my case) in the so called great land of milk and honey is about one of the hardest challenges I have ever come across. Not to mention family and friends are water sources away. Even rivers count.

But a change of heart and mind are essential to move forward. We all hope going to specific places for specific long periods of time, such as school and vacations, should make us better people than we were the year or minute before. Saying “I’m going to be positive,” isn’t sufficient to make the situation better. Actually, doing a different action every day that goes in line with the whole “I’m changing, I’m looking up to the future, blah blah” will definitely curve the once bad situations into brighter, cuter, more interesting, more endearing, likeable, funnier, less B.Sier…yeah you get my drift.

For example, I need to go start up some Badminton hype up in this joint. No lie. It’s the game for Great People like myself. Even MLK was an above-average player. (Ok, I lie. I feel everyone slips MLK everywhere to make things look so cool/important-so why the heck can’t I?)

So now, Starting Over might seem very challenging, somewhat depressing even on the onset, but with time…yes, with time. Even up to your whole first year as I’ve been told, things will start to look up(up where? You decide what’s your dream situation). Mine is finding the perfect niche. Ok, not perfect-perfect . But you know, some place I can feel utterly comfortable, or close to that. People whom I will feel confident calling friends instead of grudgingly admitting that the ones you’ve got currently are just acquaintances.

Another cool thing is to take initiative and REALLY do things you have never done before. Like , not baking cupcakes or laying your  bed everyday. No. Like ,pray. Go out and join some funky groups that will ONLY better you as a person, or help you achieve who you want to be.

Otherwise, you  are going to end up being sad, hungry, depressed, overweight and produce too much gas for your own good under the blankets sipping malwa. Alone. Cold. Afraid.

Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit.

~Peace Yo MaMehn.


4 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. stole a peek at ure blog nicole!! its so good! tho kinda making me sad…:(

    P.S its me alishia incase u were wondering:-)

  2. You write with such energy! I had almost forgotten what that reads like. I’m going to be camping out here… a lot. 🙂

    If you are interested in checking out the world of Ugandan bloggers, scribble on my wall or something and I’ll give you the link.

    My own blog is linked to my name here.

  3. Otherwise, you are going to end up being sad, hungry, depressed, overweight and produce too much gas for your own good under the blankets sipping malwa.
    lmao!!!..ROF…..mbu sipping malwa…heheheh…..
    ha…hope u found you niche!

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