Anti-Homosexual Bill

When reading this article , I felt a rush of something related to happiness. In the same family, but not quite the emotion. Bittersweet is “its” cousin.

As more and more people continue to profess their righteousness before us, i.e., gay people are not human because they are homos, let us get to the crux of Princess’s argument. The Bill is inhumane.
None of us, human or not, should let our own leaders (who I must add have cheated us to a real democracy free of corruption) force such a bill on our conscience. As a matter of fact, I believe corruption and it’s consequences is a far greater problem to the Ugandan people than their neighbors’ sexual orientation.

Christian or not, Gay or Straight- No one has the right to label who is human or not, who is worthy of their life or not. I believe that is the responsibility of the person who created “humans”, and as far as am concerned it sure isn’t our behated Minister of Ethics and Integrity. Imagine, Ethics and Integrity. I will not even go into my definition of an Ethics and Integrity minister-maybe next semester.

In a similar vein, is it me or did someone else feel disgusted by the Bill’s command to have the “unworthy” people tested for HIV if found guilty of their “bad” pracitise? Talk about discrimination in all areas. Eh. I’m sure our minister’s intentions are to put the Ugandan people’s best interests at heart, but honestly-  I think we can spend state money on something else like improving the Education sector. Health sector is not doing that great either but that does not mean you go out there and test every suspect left and right. Now if someone has an answer, help me out- is that going to eradicate the deadly virus that HIV is? I think not.

Government should not even be wasting time on net-catching un-straight people. Let them deal with our economic, political and social problems. As far as I’m concerned, this whole Bill is a waste of Members of Parliament’s time scratching their heads, (dosing) and debating whether to pass this moronic paper or not.

Even though I write and write, some other soul(s) writes, talks, demonstrates about this issue (pro or con), it’s not going to change the fact that the Bill has a fat chance of passing (choka!) or that our dear president has an equally good chance of extending the constitution so that he can run for 4th term( we need young Arab money flowing into the country), nor will my bickering change the poor economic and social situation that many fellow Ugandans face each day.

We can’t sit back and stay silent. Ugandans-we are better than that.

But then what next? Who will be the Jesus Christ of the LGBTQ community in not only Uganda, but the rest of the world?


3 thoughts on “Anti-Homosexual Bill

  1. I like to think that my article made our religious leaders finally speak out on the Bill. 🙂 But most likely it was the pressure from Christians all over the world calling them out as, “Uganda’s murderous Christians.” And even then, they have come out in the last two weeks speaking as hypocritically as possible, saying no to the death penalty but yes, to life imprisonment. Apparently, it will be much easier to pray for and ‘heal’ gay persons while they are in prison. Church of Uganda, however, says that it is, “still preparing a statement about the Bill.” This, I think, is more hypocritical than the attitude of any of the other leaders. I believe International pressure will eventually sway the mind of the Church and that is the only way the Bill will be scrapped, Uganda professes to be holier than all other nations, so if there is an authority the government will listen to, it is the Church.

    The Jesus Christ for the LGBTQ community is going to be in the voices of Christians, who even if they do not support homosexuality per se, will stand against the Bill that will make one group of people more accountable for their sins than others. This Anti-life Bill would affect the lives of teachers, doctors, parents, siblings, landlords, priests who would be obliged to report any ‘homosexual acts.” The Bill would turn brother against brother and there really can be no worse defeat. It’s my fervent prayer that the Bill does not pass. Let our government, as you say focus on the bigger problems– economic and otherwise.

  2. Took me half the article to realize you were talking about Uganda and not the US, i agree though, you go girl, get that protesting out there!

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