Musings On A Cool Lecture

I came across this lecture  from a friend’s Facebook wall. I fear labeling it wonderful, amazing, stupendous, awesome, thebombdiggity, for fear of creating bias in you, but eh- too late for that now.

At first, I clicked the link for the promise of re-living some Heart of Darkness references. (Now that, is a great book) Five minutes into the lecture, I got that itch to post something on Facebook/Twitter or check that my Hulu link was still working. Not that I was bored by the content- more so I have become too accustomed to self-distracting myself from pure concentration. Anyhow- every so often I come across something, be it an article, song or fleeting moment in the day, that reminds me of why I am here. In this world. What am I doing? How am I doing it? Where am I going with it? I am re-inspired to be a better Nicole after such situations but Im not sure I live up to Nicole The Ideal’s wishes. I want to, but there are so many things that I consciously and unconsciously put in my way preventing this reality from ever happening.

I believe in the power of I can and I will. I also believe that it takes more than a simple realization, a nod ya head like this and that, to fulfill dreams. The lessons Iv learnt from this lecture are: having courage to rally my own power and mind, letting my power take me on a solitary journey to finding myself, making sacrifices and letting go of things that hamper concentration/focus on our goals.



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