Media Mania!

Sometimes I feel genuinely afraid that Im in the wrong profession.

While most of my daydreaming affairs constitute dancing, acting and goofing around, I can’t help but wonder what if.

What if I was encouraged to go to a performing arts school? What if someone told my friend that being an artist was an awesome career choice?

Interning in Kampala has given me awesome opportunities to meet and pick brains of some of the country’s media people. From PR to Magazine, Print and TV. Not yet Radio…maybe next week. I always sing- the power of media (if used for positive enlightenment) can bring people together. Not in the babymaking kind of together. But together for cool change for our future. Keyword people- our.

Happiness. Success. Love. That’s my second mantra (after Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus, of course). When you do what you LOVE, you’ll have great SUCCESS and HAPPINESS (not utopia, friend) will be¬†achievable on a continuous basis.

Are you in?


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