My Tribute to J.K.Rowling’s World of Harry Potter

It’s here.

No more guessing or fretting around what Director David Yates and Producer David Heyman are spinning for the final final FINAL movie of Harry Potter. Today, at approximately 4:10p.m. I will be running to the cinema. Yes, that’s a few hours earlier than the 7:15p.m. showing Im slated to attend, but being THERE just makes my transition easier. In case you see a little girl touching the posters affectionately, don’t be alarmed.

When the last book arrived on July 21, 2007, I was too impatient to know the ending to slow down my reading. At 21, I am still crazy about J.K.Rowling’s creation. Every year, whatever book I re-read, I’m always in renewed awe at the brilliance of her storytelling. The clever vocab choice and my insistance that the Bloomsbury edition is the best, at least for us products of British English. The jokes [ “Im hole-y, Fred!”], the Latin-inspired phrases [Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus], the ridiculously funny (for me) publications [ Transfiguration Today, The Practical Portioneer], the Hogwarts motto that forever makes me smile [Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus-Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon], the curious name choices [ Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Albus Wulfric Brian Percival Dumbledore, Nearly Headless Nick, The Bloody Baron], the ‘they-make-sense spell names [ Ridikkulus!, Petrificus Totalus, Eat Slugs! hahaha, Sectumsempra (really, J.K?), and Morsmorde! (spelling might be off but the dark mark sermon], I can’t forget to mention the awesome Patronus choices for people [ Harry like his Dad-Stag (strong and interesting?), Weasel for Mr. Weasley, a Silver Doe for both Snape and Lily Potter docile and lovely (not for Snape, though]. I could go on and on and on, man!

I almost forgot!!!! The Four Founders. Oh heeeeey- Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazaar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff. Clever, just. To be honest, I almost did a double take in my brain thinking I had forgotten Hufflepuff’s first name. See, this book gives me mini panic attacks. Don’t get me started on Quidditch. *starts wheezing*

Whenever I forget any detail about someone’s hair colour or which house Hannah Abbot belongs or even the spelling of Ginny’s full name (is it Ginerva?), I cringe with self-loathing. I know, I know…it shouldn’t be that deep, but I don’t know…this book had me at Chapter One, Book One.

Just like a monthly Vogue or African Woman issue, I regard my Harry Potter obsession as one of the best events of my life. If I ever write an autobiography I must expound on this blog post to a chapter. I can never do justice to J.K.R’s gift to her audience.

An end to the movie franchise, a continuation of the timeless appreciation of the world of Harry Potter.


4 thoughts on “My Tribute to J.K.Rowling’s World of Harry Potter

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Couldn’t have said it better..JK my..we need a good suprise from her too…

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