First Radio Interview!

Time Stamp: 1212hrs

On ipod: Run This Town- Jay Z, Rihanna and Kanye West

Today I had a sit-down recorded interview with a KFM reporter!!! Of course, the pre-thoughts of what it would be like outweighed what it actually was. I think this also applies to fear of a thing based on hearsay (insert Lord Voldermort memories) are greater than the reality! Plus, I couldn’t have my other UWC homies with me.

Anyway, it was wonderful sharing my UWC experience with the presenter. Planning and executing something feels so darn good. At least I can reward myself with a tiny slap on my back shoulder. My arms are too short to reach down the back…

The interview will air Sunday at 1p.m. and a repeat at 3 p.m., in case you oversleep due to food coma or something. You know how it is on Lazy Sunday Afternoons. As slow as the Southern Accent.

Plus! Sanyu FM is letting us be a part of their Breakfast Show next Wednesday at 7a.m.! I remember listening to this on the way to primary. Eish. Time goes by…

Any radio tips from an experienced radio-ist?


5 thoughts on “First Radio Interview!

  1. Eh, congrats Madam! Representing as usual!!! 🙂 Now for us who are on the wrong side of the Atlantic, please record somehow and oba email or bring for us a CD? Sankyu vely much. 🙂

    Ela you reayo be running K’la. 😀

  2. am so flippin excited i have a new interesting blog to stalk for i have no life…..yayness….you have really started to rock my socks off….lol…

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