Reverence To The Lord!

It’s Sunday…again!

I feel very ashamed to even say this but it must be done. Today is the first time since I came back to Kampala that I made my way to Watoto Church (WC), formerly Kampala Pentecostal Church. Do I have to say it’s literally a 1 minute walk from my house for you to shake your head? Mphhh!

Worries aside, it was beautiful. Once again in the first ten minutes of praise I kept thinking there is no church I’ve been to (yet) that does things to me like WC.

Message today was all about God calling us to do our mission in life. There MUST be a reason why we are still alive today. Pastor Chris Komagum got us terrified with the gory details of how each of Jesus’s disciples were killed because they consistently kept spreading the word of God. Some beheaded, stoned, crucified (upside down), pulled apart and even a failed attempt at frying John the Beloved in a pot of boiling oil. I mean. As if chips?! THIS FAITH IS EXPENSIVE!

Whatever religion you express your love for the higher being in our lives– it’s hard, it’s commanding but it can’t be done without conviction. Si, se puede.

God Bless!


One thought on “Reverence To The Lord!

  1. Sad. In a way, this makes or faith stronger. I wonder if those who crucified the disciples actually knew they were strengthening our faiths and literally shooting themselves in the foot!

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