Oh hey- I’m in Asia!


It’s been quite the morning/afternoon.

I arrived safely and into the waiting arms of taxi No. 31. As I approached Dan who was beckoning from the throng of people waiting in the arrivals lobby, I noticed he was sweating profusely. It was just 4 a.m.

We journeyed to Majnu Ka Tilla (MKT)- the Tibetan neighborhood north of the city (New Delhi) to a guest house. Although my boarding school mattress is better than my current bed, it’s more than enough. I REFUSED to pay any attention to remarks about how India was too dirty, racist towards darker-skinned folk and very dangerous- it paid off. Im excited to be here- and abundantly blessed, I might add. Yes, I have been stared at so much I can’t wink. I suppose being a black beauty has its benefits 😀 Dan doesn’t look Indian (obviously), but some of the Tibetans thought he looked Chinese but warmed up when he explained he’s Vietnamese-American.

The minute we got onto one of the main streets in MKT, a young lady with baby in tow rushed up to yours truly, begging for “baby rice”. I cannot be certain that it was hers because after over ten minutes of hearing “please, some baby rice” in my ear, I saw and heard another woman carrying a baby and pleading with another foreigner for “baby rice”. Imagine, I was 1 minute away from digging into my bag for some rupees. Dan adamantly objected the idea but after seeing her counterpart not too far from us- I hardened. They need the money, but something tells me it’s a business venture and her drug lord/pimp boss might take most of it for himself. Oh, dear.

And then there was the classified section in today’s paper: BRIDES WANTED. Errrrr?! Since arranged marriages, class and status is huuuge here, it was not that big a shock to see how blatantly splashed it is in the papers. Dan, on the other hand was almost screaming and filing a lawsuit at the outrage. (See pictures)

I will be vlogging (video blogging) in the future so that you can see the streets with me. 

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