What Am I Doing With My Life?

At the ripe age of 21, I have figured out my life plan: when Im graduating, what job am going to get, what the colour of my front door at my new townhouse will look like and of course, my outfit choices for the next season. Yes, I’m a boss-lady.


That would suck (majorly) if such was the nature of my existence.

At the tender age of 21, I am about 12 months shy of completing my first university degree. Big deal, huh? Except, many times, I have asked myself what next and I promise- I can almost hear the crickets quickly assemble their award-winning choir to perform their top hit- The Loudest Silence.

I am intimidated by Invisibile Children. *phew* I said it.

Just imagine: you come from a country where you were born into a war, grew up looking at images of women and men with chopped mouths and ears adorning the front pages of the newspapers, hear word of peace talk after peace talk, pray for Kony to realize his wrongs at church. . .the list is endless. By the way, all that is happening some hundreds of kilometers away from your comfortable flat on the outskirts of Kampala. In your mind, it’s such a big and distant war that what could you possibly do to make a difference to stop it, anyway? Nothing, you say. And carry on about your life.

Meanwhile…. someone out there is making moves, heeee! Made friends with a victim of the war, snapped a few pics here and there, shot a video, contacted a few people, started a movement, relentlessly learnt about the war, got people hungry about justice around the world, rallied with hundreds to get the Obama administration to send troops to assist your country’s army, and got internet users around the GLOBE to know about this war. Im talking about KONY2012.

The Lord’s Resistance Army just got boatloads of new enemies. It’s Kony vs. The World. I bet you he’s inside his tent singing: “Ayyyyeeeeeeee, look at me now!”

Myself and other Ugandans living south of Gulu district have stood by for years…watching. Waiting- for who, I couldn’t tell you. Is it desensitization? Could it be that I-don’t-care-attitude? Or even the cringeworthy let-the-NGO-fix-it reason? While I am embarrassed that not very many efforts mushroomed to help our fellow Ugandans, I am aware that today is not too late to make brand new. (Notice the Taylor Swift lyrics) My only critique with Invisible Children is not involving Ugandans in schools across other areas of Uganda in this fight.  Getting the rest of the world to care is awesome, but teaching the people of Uganda these cool ways of activism would be crazy awesome and better. I would HATE for people to think Ugandans are dependent on outside sources to do anything substantial. In many ways, it’s true. But, it’s imperative that we reverse this trend. Not just for Uganda, but for the rest of the developing world. African solutions to African challenges is a stepping stone to a crack-less foundation.

Don’t just sit there! Dream BIG.


5 thoughts on “What Am I Doing With My Life?

  1. Well said but disturbingly some of the facts are wrong on the Kony2012 page:-~( it’s good lots of people are jumping on the bandwagon but they’ll have to educated themselves first .
    But am really amazed with the power of social networks:-~)

  2. And to think I actually know this girl. . .

    First off, if it’s any consolation I’m now somewhat intimidated by you (and I do not intimidate easy) second. . .dnt worry too much about life after graduation nd what note, I mean it helps to have a picture of how you hope things will go but I’ve learned that life has a way of working its self out. . .but from what I gather, u gat this. . .u’ll do just fine.
    Kony really pisses me off. . .I think these social media outcries are a decade late to be honest, but I’ll wait a while and see the outcome before I belittle the effort entirely. . .but M’am is there any such thing as an ‘African Solution’ I wonder??

    *easy does it*

  3. Nice. And you’re right. Personally that war never really affected me. It was so far off I’m sure there was nothing we could do but watch. Then the conspirancy theories started setting in mbu Govt is funding Kony, and then I really lost interest. I think that this guy socializing this decade old problem is just cashing in on the past and this just shows how ignorant the West has been about Kony all this time.

    But you’re right, we need to get our own things moving. Encourage more Ugandan youth to have an online presence, blog more, tweet more and even google map more!

    That’s why I commend you Nikki for what you’re doing. Awesome stuff.

  4. Who is this asking if there’s any such thing as an African solution???

    Uhhh — I think it might be just those attitudes that have made our efforts fall through the cracks – the lack of belief in ourselves. I’m disappointed – – I assume you’re Ugandan, how is it like to have one Westerner raise up an issue to international attention that the whole of Uganda couldn’t. Whether you like KONY 2012 or not (and I have my issues with it, too), he is one INDIVIDUAL, who made a difference – because he believed, and dedicated his life to it. I have my issues with the presentation of the campaign, but this guy has been fighting for 10 years, fighting hard for something he believed in. It’s admirable. But it’s also sad that we do not have the same passion about our own home. And yet we continue to ask questions like – is there any such thing as an African solution, in inverted commas…. WOW!

    Meanwhile Kony is in his tent like “eeeeeeeeehhh, look at me now!!” Haha Nicole too funny!!

    Back to the point.

    The movement this man started was not a “Western solution”, it was the solution, and dream, of an individual. As an individual – Western, Ugandan or freikin Haitian, I don’t know what you are, what are YOU doing?

    I am simultaneously inspired, skeptical, and shamed, that, as Nicole said, this is not an African solution to an African problem.

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