I’ve Been A Bad Girl…

…to my very precious blog.

It doesn’t seem harsh, to castigate myself, but I have been thinking a ton about this lately.

I have a voice.
I have a tool to air/publish my voice in a constructive manner.
I am a writer/journalist/observer in the making…

…so why haven’t I been using it to the best of my ability?

There goes that “best of my ability” thing.

We, as humans, love to push and inspire ourselves to max our potential. Sometimes, we encounter experiences that tickle our sensory organs and are eager (in that moment) to envision ourselves as superstars. But then the feeling wans- naturally.
I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s just being and doing better is a daily routine, I’ve learned. Success and her sisters; near-perfection, diligence and hard work are a full-time commitment. At times we might feel like we’re on the struggle bus but once we reach our “unknown destinations” or pitstops, the prizes awaiting us are unforgettably deliciously worth it!

The point: I want to reconstruct my blog to accommodate a wider range of my daily inspirations. By doing better, I want to ensure Im loving and feeding this web space like a partner for life. It’s hard work, but it CAN be done.

I hope you enjoy.

*pulls out tongue*, [POT]


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