Passion for Fashion!

I’m waiting for leads on a story to materialize here at work. So, me, Computer, and Internet, are having a ball of a time!

I can do what I love: window-shop online! Looking at things I can’t afford (just yet) is quite the fun activity, I tell you. *feels saliva escape mouth*
While I continue researching for better blog themes for the next phase of my life (After 22), I will continue to blog at random. Can’t really post pictures at the moment. Huge bummer.
I read something over at Garance Dore’s blog and it defined how I feel about fashion. Fashion can be… “as beautiful on movie stars as it is on the street because everything is only how you look at it.”
I strongly believe one can look great at any age, with any budget. As long as you feel like the bomb diggity within, there’s little to stop you… I love that with my very small budget, I just wake up and instantly feel towards the outfit of the day. Many times, I lay on my pillow before sleep takes me matching up clothes for the next day. Hope every one does this!? I love that you can extend your personality in your clothes! My Momma always told me you’ve gotta feel comfortable and dress your best, and to always take care of your body. Every. Day. True that.



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