An Ah-ha! Moment:The Pioneer Woman

Did I mention already that I LOVE blogs?

Yes, I write one…but there are people out there with what I would call “professional” blogs. They’ve got several tabs going on, advertising and a major following. I would like to take this opportunity to announce my All-Time Favourite blog- The Pioneer Woman. A.K.A P-Dub.

To avoid being slapped with a restraining order for stalking, I will try to tone down my praise for her.  She loves cooking, family, God, fashion-y things, photography and giving in to her randomness. And so do I! My friend, Stephanie, introduced me to her through a hilarious post about doughnuts. I know…quite mundane, but wait- she writes with such clarity in describing the moments that make her laugh. It’s so bloody infectious. She inspired me to cook more using different ingredients I never would have tried, appreciate the mundane passings of my amazing life with an “everything can be funny” streak, and LOVE more. Anyone who knows me well knows am about that Big Family, Loving Wife type of life.

Life is way more fun when you give simple moments that chance to awe you.

So here I am, almost five months since being wowed by Ree (P-Dub) and ready to transform my cooking abilities because If Ree Could, Nicole Can.  I hope this summer holiday I can cook through her cookbooks- both of them!

Cookbook 1

Cookbook 2

Perhaps I can time myself, set a deadline? Like Julie & Julia!!! Mmmm, but the big question is Who to Pay For This? Hahaa. Maybe Maama and I can split the bill. The point is, I really like cooking. Before moving off-campus in college, I depended on the school menu which was okay…if you knew how to work it. But then, I moved and had to fend for myself with basic egg and rice recipes. And you CANNOT depend on eggs and rice for the rest of your life, ya know. Cooking sucks your concentration and the greatest joy for me is having friends over and eating with them.

Besides, less food on my plate, less calories on my hips 😀





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