Passion for Fashion!

I’m waiting for leads on a story to materialize here at work. So, me, Computer, and Internet, are having a ball of a time!

I can do what I love: window-shop online! Looking at things I can’t afford (just yet) is quite the fun activity, I tell you. *feels saliva escape mouth*
While I continue researching for better blog themes for the next phase of my life (After 22), I will continue to blog at random. Can’t really post pictures at the moment. Huge bummer.
I read something over at Garance Dore’s blog and it defined how I feel about fashion. Fashion can be… “as beautiful on movie stars as it is on the street because everything is only how you look at it.”
I strongly believe one can look great at any age, with any budget. As long as you feel like the bomb diggity within, there’s little to stop you… I love that with my very small budget, I just wake up and instantly feel towards the outfit of the day. Many times, I lay on my pillow before sleep takes me matching up clothes for the next day. Hope every one does this!? I love that you can extend your personality in your clothes! My Momma always told me you’ve gotta feel comfortable and dress your best, and to always take care of your body. Every. Day. True that.



2 May 2012

It’s been a great day. It was a great day. Due to space limitations, I cannot post as many pictures on my wordPress account until The Big Upgrade!

I’m outchea sitting on my very comfortable bed sipping on a chilled Savanna Dry. Yummy. There above lies my new companion that my eyeballs saw last on Wednesday.

Happy 22nd year May 2-ers!



Fun FOOD Survey!

I love cooking.
I love eating.
I love talking.

What better way to combine all three than with a lovely food survey! Talk about it! Eat it! Share it!

One of the blogs I follow is my friend’s sister’s blog called myinnershakti. She writes about everything under the sun from her upcoming wedding to her delicious-looking recipes. So, while stalking her, leisurely glancing at her blog, I came across this post and decided to do mine too!  Here goes:

Coke or Pepsi?  Seriously, Pepsi tastes better. But maybe Coke and Pepsi have the same recipe? Maybe?

Lemonade or Fruit Punch? Lemonade!

Carmel Apple or Cotton Candy?  Neither. Cotton Candy is the yuckiest of yucky. Carmel Apple? No, gracias.

Butterfinger or Snickers? Snickers in my knickers! Not literally, of course… Have you ever slept while chewing on chocolate only to wake up and find it in compromising places? EEK. No? Oh…okay.

Pudding and Jell-O?  Jell-OoooOOOoooooOooo

Turkey or Chicken?  Chicken. But I have to say turkeys do have the bigger thighs, so on days like Thanksgiving- it should be the winner.

American or Provolone Cheese?  I haven’t tasted enough provolone to know if I like it.

Crackers or Cookies?  COOKIE. Hobnobs to be specific. Used to down these with my family like hyenas. In fact, my mom would bring us a pack each because she knew…

Pretzels or Chips?  Lately, pretzels!

Mexican food or Japanese food?  Mexican for the raunchy party. Japanese for the sushi, please.

Chinese food or Italian food? Yo. I don’t even know how to choose. Chinese for the cheap and 1-second taste. Italian for the endlessly flavourful dish!

Pie or Cake?  Pie. Definitely, pie. Peach cobbler, anyone?

Ice cream or Cookies?  ICECREAM. Mama mia.

Pasta or Pizza?  Hmmm. Pasta. Pizzas bring out the inner glutton in me. Even when I’m full, I’ll keep going. Dang it.

Soda or Juice?  Apple juice. Stoney Tangawuzi Soda 🙂

Chocolate Bars or Chocolate Truffles? Chocolate, dude. Daim is my favourite. I don’t see enough of it in Uganda or Chicago.

Apples or Bananas? For the constipated nights- you want bananas on your side. For the ideal I-wanna-be-healthy day, apples, then.

Salad or Soup?  Soup! Yummy!

Cauliflower or Broccoli?  Broccoli. Much more bearable in stir fry dinners. Am I right or AM I RIGHT?

Onion Rings or French Fries?  French fries.

Blizzard or McFlurry?  Don’t have a lot of either to have a fave.

Fried or Poached Eggs?  By poached you mean the leaking sunny-side up egg? Then yeah, poached. I love the ooziness of egg goo.

Crepes or Pancakes?  *non-committal shrug*

Hashbrowns or Roasted Potatoes?  Eh, this is tough. Hashbrowns for the indulging day. Roasted potatoes for the safe meal.

Oatmeal or Cereal?  Oatmeal with nice brown sugar and warm milk, sir!

Am I in the majority or minority or outlier with my choices?Do yours and tell me!


Have a fruitful May. My horoscope (from GLAMOUR South Africa) said this month I would be at my most attractive. I daresay Im aight all year long, right? Right?





I’ve Been A Bad Girl…

…to my very precious blog.

It doesn’t seem harsh, to castigate myself, but I have been thinking a ton about this lately.

I have a voice.
I have a tool to air/publish my voice in a constructive manner.
I am a writer/journalist/observer in the making…

…so why haven’t I been using it to the best of my ability?

There goes that “best of my ability” thing.

We, as humans, love to push and inspire ourselves to max our potential. Sometimes, we encounter experiences that tickle our sensory organs and are eager (in that moment) to envision ourselves as superstars. But then the feeling wans- naturally.
I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it’s just being and doing better is a daily routine, I’ve learned. Success and her sisters; near-perfection, diligence and hard work are a full-time commitment. At times we might feel like we’re on the struggle bus but once we reach our “unknown destinations” or pitstops, the prizes awaiting us are unforgettably deliciously worth it!

The point: I want to reconstruct my blog to accommodate a wider range of my daily inspirations. By doing better, I want to ensure Im loving and feeding this web space like a partner for life. It’s hard work, but it CAN be done.

I hope you enjoy.

*pulls out tongue*, [POT]

South Africa is stealing a breath here and there!

#Time stamp: 2032 hrs CAT

#On iTunes: Right By My Side- Nicki Minaj feat. Chris Brown (Album: Roman Reloaded)

 Kunjani! *Zulu* [KOON-JAH-NI]

Molo!  *Xhosa[MOH-LO]

Hallo! *Afrikaans* [HA-LOH]

Hello! *Anglais* [HEY-ROW]

It feels like I’ve been here for almost a month, but nein- we are just starting the third week today. I am content.

I am in deep shame over my prolonged blog-silence since I arrived in South Africa. Although, to my credit, I have tried starting numerous times, only to be distracted by delectable sweets and adventures that seemed too good to pass up (at the time). Like, you know, sleep?

I don’t even know WHERE to start telling my first travelogue!

I shall backtrack to 48 hours before I was supposed to take my flight scheduled for Friday, 23rd March, 2012. Oh…that date will forever remain etched in my memory.  That, my friends, is the I Lost My Passport anniversary date to be celebrated in mirth from 2013 onwards.

So what had happened was…I started packing for my three-month move to South Africa Tuesday that week. Clothes, books, random papers, clearing out drawers with stuff, and on Wednesday I realized that all drawers were empty but I hadn’t seen my little blue book. I leaped out of bed…not jumping (I’m not that fit, yet) and wildly looked around my room. Packed boxes waiting to be cello-taped and luggage a quick zip away from being ready. Maaaan, the “I-reject-stress-in-God’s-name” individual that I am said, nah, it must be somewhere.  I got the iTunes going and started going through my everything. By around 3 a.m., I could feel beads of sweat threatening to break on my forehead and armpits. YES- it was that bad. I had checked every where I could possibly think of. No passport.

I frowned, I scratched the scalp, I looked even in the kitchen drawers AS IF my passport had skipped its way there. I decided to sleep and wake up Thursday morning with a fresh brain ready to re-check. It wasn’t so. By 6am, I was in full panic mode Nicole-style. I must emphasize : this rarely happens. That feeling of stress, anxiety coupled with FEAR was a bit foreign to me. I don’t think I even felt this way during my UNEB exams. Spasms of diarrhea were threatening. This is how I know it had never happened!!! The fear was real. What would my mother say? How and when would I get to South Africa? Would I miss orientation? Can I get past international borders with a makeshift passport for students? I was lost, plan-less, alone and cold in this world. I never, ever, wish this feeling of desolateness on my No.1 enemy-to-be. No way! It was the absolute worst. My gad!

 First thing I did- I called my big sister, Amanda, and as soon as she brightly answered Hello! I erupted in tears while trying to explain what I was going through. To cut the longish story short, I got a replacement passport through team and was on my way to Oliver R. Tambo International Airport Johannesburg a day late. It was better than a passport a week later. Phew. Thanks be to the Lord, I tell ya.

For those that are unaware, here’s a little why-Im-in-SA: Medill, my journalism school, requires every undergrad pursuing the Journalism degree to do one quarter of residency away from campus. It can be within the USA or outside. Basically, putting all we’ve learned so far into practice. There are a few international programmes like South Africa, El Salvador, Brazil and Puerto Rico.  Myself, and 12 other cool kids applied for the SA program and got in! A few of us are in Johannesburg and some are in Cape Town- placed in various newsrooms all over the country. Both print, online and broadcast media houses.

Orientation Week was absolutely amayyyzinggggg!! Sometimes, it felt like a vacation. Here’s why:

1. Getting to know my fellow Medillians on a whole other level in a different country. Im so glad it’s with this bunch of people.

2. THE FOOOD. I tell you- Getting a gym membership was essential for world peace. My hips are already a trending topic, but I daresay they want to expand further.

3. The people!!!! So warm. Very hospitable. The people of Johannesburg are a fashionable bunch. Doesn’t matter where I am, the bus station or the posh mall, people dress well. Reminds me of NYC.

4. The weather is BANGING. I am grateful to be a away from that erratic Evanston weather. Sun, breeze and flying hair. It’s summer time, y’all!

5. Cape Town. This world-class city deserves a listing of it’s own. For me, it was two outstanding things: Camps Bay- the most beautiful land by the ocean I have been to…so far. So serene, I felt that God could take me with my arms raised after that optical nutrition of blue ocean aggressively beating against giant rocks, white sand…ahhh. Super times. I must, must, strive to bring my family here. At least once. At least. Then, we went to a township (predominantly Coloured-populated)called Bonteheuwel. We met some of the most inspiring beings I have ever come across. A lady had lost two of her children to gang violence but was still pushing for community building. Omar, one of the community workers from there was uber proud of his home, but still mindful of the work left to do. Anyway, you had to be there to experience it. I would post videos, but internet speed is a bit needy at the moment.

6. Talking to and meeting some of my oldest friends in the same time zone during the school year. 🙂

Next blog: Johannesburg Chronicles!

To be Continued! 

[A] Dream Realization Commences Today.



*punches fists in air*



What Am I Doing With My Life?

At the ripe age of 21, I have figured out my life plan: when Im graduating, what job am going to get, what the colour of my front door at my new townhouse will look like and of course, my outfit choices for the next season. Yes, I’m a boss-lady.


That would suck (majorly) if such was the nature of my existence.

At the tender age of 21, I am about 12 months shy of completing my first university degree. Big deal, huh? Except, many times, I have asked myself what next and I promise- I can almost hear the crickets quickly assemble their award-winning choir to perform their top hit- The Loudest Silence.

I am intimidated by Invisibile Children. *phew* I said it.

Just imagine: you come from a country where you were born into a war, grew up looking at images of women and men with chopped mouths and ears adorning the front pages of the newspapers, hear word of peace talk after peace talk, pray for Kony to realize his wrongs at church. . .the list is endless. By the way, all that is happening some hundreds of kilometers away from your comfortable flat on the outskirts of Kampala. In your mind, it’s such a big and distant war that what could you possibly do to make a difference to stop it, anyway? Nothing, you say. And carry on about your life.

Meanwhile…. someone out there is making moves, heeee! Made friends with a victim of the war, snapped a few pics here and there, shot a video, contacted a few people, started a movement, relentlessly learnt about the war, got people hungry about justice around the world, rallied with hundreds to get the Obama administration to send troops to assist your country’s army, and got internet users around the GLOBE to know about this war. Im talking about KONY2012.

The Lord’s Resistance Army just got boatloads of new enemies. It’s Kony vs. The World. I bet you he’s inside his tent singing: “Ayyyyeeeeeeee, look at me now!”

Myself and other Ugandans living south of Gulu district have stood by for years…watching. Waiting- for who, I couldn’t tell you. Is it desensitization? Could it be that I-don’t-care-attitude? Or even the cringeworthy let-the-NGO-fix-it reason? While I am embarrassed that not very many efforts mushroomed to help our fellow Ugandans, I am aware that today is not too late to make brand new. (Notice the Taylor Swift lyrics) My only critique with Invisible Children is not involving Ugandans in schools across other areas of Uganda in this fight.  Getting the rest of the world to care is awesome, but teaching the people of Uganda these cool ways of activism would be crazy awesome and better. I would HATE for people to think Ugandans are dependent on outside sources to do anything substantial. In many ways, it’s true. But, it’s imperative that we reverse this trend. Not just for Uganda, but for the rest of the developing world. African solutions to African challenges is a stepping stone to a crack-less foundation.

Don’t just sit there! Dream BIG.

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